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At Purple we design, produce and build attention-grabbing moments. How do we do this? We combine the power of storytelling and kick-ass visual content with technology that amazes your senses. We’re passionate for creative technical problem solving to make sure our clients succeed in the growing experience economy and we’re on a mission to provide world class experience center and storytelling software to create engaging, attention grabbing moments that anyone can use, anytime, anywhere.

We do this with Hyro; our story building tool that brings presentations, meetings, trainings, product reveals, interactive signage to the audience in an enticing and interactive manner. Recently, we have had the privilege of working for clients like SAP, IBM, Interpolis, Samsung, Under Armour, Honeywell and Pepsico.

This journey started in 2018 and today we’re growing fast and excited to bring new passionate people on board to join us on this mission. We like to call ourselves Purples; we all have curiosity, creativity, compassion and courage in our DNA. Do you recognise yourself in this, continue reading ;).